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Methodology and toolsto build a customer base


The Solar Panel generates photovoltaic solar energy.

The Solar Panel reacts with sunlight, producing electrical energy (photovoltaic energy). Installed on your roof, the panels are connected to each other and to a Solar Inverter.


The Solar Inverter converts electrical energy from direct current to alternating current. The solar inverter converts solar energy from photovoltaic panels into electrical energy, which can be used in equipment such as computers, TVs, machines, etc.

for the whole house

Solar Energy is distributed to the property.

The energy that comes out of the solar inverter goes to the "light board" and is distributed to your home or business, thus reducing the amount of energy you buy from the distributor.

connected house

Solar energy can be used for TVs, Sound Systems, Computers, Lamps, Electric Motors, that is, everything that uses electricity and is connected to the socket.

credit and economy

The excess electricity produced goes back to the power grid through the light clock. Surplus solar energy generates energy credits, which can be used overnight or in the coming months.


In other words: you produce clean energy with sunlight and reduce your electricity bill! The old light clock should be replaced with a "bidirectional" light clock (measures energy input and output). If you inject more into the grid than you consume, you will have energy credits to be used in the coming months.


The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) regulates the sector.

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