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RF ENGINEERING (radio frequency)

It has technicians and specialists responsible for finding specific solutions, developing new products, pre-sales support, in addition to giving lectures and training tailored to the proper use of our products.


The RF Engineering

Design of antenna systems to provide radiative coverage of a specified geographic area by an electromagnetic field or to provide specified sensitivity to an electromagnetic field impinging the antenna.

Design of coupling structures and transmission lines to carry RF energy without radiation.

Application of circuit elements and transmission line structures in the design of oscillators, amplifiers, mixers, detectors, combiners, filters, impedance transformer networks and other devices.
Verification and measurement of performance of radiofrequency devices and systems.

To produce quality results, the RF engineer needs to have a thorough understanding of mathematics, physics, and general electronic theory, as well as specialized training in areas such as wave propagation, impedance transformations, filters, and microstrip printed circuit board design.

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