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Discover the IoT revolution with Kerax. We connect you to the future with smart solutions for home, business and industry.

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What is IoT?

IoT in English means Internet of Things, translating into Portuguese we call it Internet of Things. In a general and popularized concept, it covers the formation of a network and the connection of sensors, machines, equipment and any object to the Internet.

Thus, the IoT is revolutionizing the human relationship with technology every day.


The IoT proposal is that everything is connected to the internet, more and more, from a simple temperature sensor to an autonomous car or an eVTOL. Always looking for innovative solutions, Kerax Telecom is an IoT solutions integrator, offering a network of possibilities for gateways, IoT sensors and installation and maintenance services for the most diverse areas of applications and business.

IoT Kerax

For a successful IoT application, it is essential to combine three elements: devices/sensors, communication networks and control systems/applications.

Kerax designs and integrates all these elements to automate customer processes.


  • Tracking

  • Temperature

  • Moisture

  • Soil mix (agriculture)

  • Water Tank Water Level Measurement

  • Automation of residential and commercial measurements

  • Temperature control, ammonia level in poultry farms

Communication Networks

The Nexus network is exemplary, especially the Lora (Long Range), offering wide range and energy efficiency.

Control system

Dashboard of a LoraWAN application for visual control.

Specific Applications

  • Industries: Real-time monitoring of machine productivity.

  • Agriculture: Climate monitoring for crops.

  • Condos: Water tank level sensors for immediate control.

  • Logistics: Sensors in trucks and containers optimize routes and vehicle choice.

Kerax Telecom, as an IoT solutions integrator, offers a range of IoT solutions, from LoRaWAN gateways, devices and sensors, connected padlocks and even communication networks and control systems. We connect the world in a smart and innovative way!

Our numbers in action
Transforming Enterprises with IoT by Kerax


Executed Projects: More than 1500 IoT projects delivered in different sectors, from agriculture to high-end industries.


Solid Savings: Businesses report significant savings with our energy management solution, achieving up to 30% reduction in operating costs.


Optimized Efficiency: With our industrial monitoring sensors, factories have seen a 20% increase in production efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.


Guaranteed Security: Customers experience a 40% drop in cyber vulnerabilities after implementing our IoT security solutions, protecting their critical operations.

Join us in the IoT revolution and discover how Kerax is driving innovation and transforming businesses everywhere!

Advanced Technological Innovation

Kerax is constantly looking for innovations that boost the IoT scenario, offering cutting-edge solutions that guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of connections and automations.

Reliable Quality

Excellence is our foundation. All Kerax products and services are carefully designed and tested to ensure the highest standard of quality, providing our customers with lasting reliability.

Safety first

Safety is our priority. We implement rigorous cybersecurity measures across our products and networks, protecting customers' data and systems from threats in an increasingly connected world.

Robust Connectivity

Kerax offers stable and efficient connectivity solutions, fundamental to IoT success. Our technologies like LoRaWAN ensure devices are always connected, transmitting data reliably.

Customization and Expert Support

We recognize that each customer is unique. Our solutions are tailored to individual needs, and our expert support team is always ready to offer technical assistance and guidance, ensuring a seamless IoT experience.

Leading the IoT Revolution:
x Telecom Connecting the Future

With over two decades of excellence, Kerax Telecom stands out as a leader in digital transformation through the Internet of Things (IoT). Our performance in the IoT segment ranges from smart devices to comprehensive connectivity solutions.

We explore new frontiers, making IoT accessible and impactful. Our innovative sensors enable high-precision monitoring, from agricultural climate control to industrial automation. With robust communication networks like LoRaWAN, we offer stable connectivity for a wide range of applications.

Safety is our priority. We protect critical data and systems by implementing state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. In addition, our customization and expert support ensure that each solution is tailored to our customers' unique needs.

With a successful track record that spans multiple sectors, from industries to smart cities, Kerax Telecom is at the forefront of the IoT revolution, connecting the future with innovation, quality and reliability.

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